Principal Investigator

Celeste M. Nelson
Group Members | Alumni
Research Scientists
  Tevyur Mosley, Research specialist
Sherry Zhang, Research specialist and lab manager [cv]
Postdoctoral Associates
Ayse Nihan Kilinc, Postdoctoral fellow [cv]
NJCCR Postdoctoral Fellow
Maryam Kohram, Postdoctoral fellow
Center for the Physics of Biological Function (CPBF) Postdoctoral Fellow
Susan Leggett, Postdoctoral fellow [cv]
NJ ACTS Postdoctoral Fellow
Bezia Lemma, Postdoctoral associate
Carolina Trenado Yuste, Postdoctoral associate

Pengfei Zhang, Postdoctoral fellow
PBI2 Postdoctoral Fellow

starting spring 2022

Graduate Students
Molly Brennan, PhD student (CBE) [cv]
NJCCR Predoctoral Research Fellow
Payam Farahani, PhD student (CBE) [cv]
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Katie Goodwin, PhD student (QCB) [cv]
NSERC Fellow
American Heart Association Research Fellow
  Evelyn Navarro Salazar, PhD student (CBE)
Sarah Paramore, PhD student (MOL) [cv]
NIH/NHLBI NRSA F31 Research Fellow
Undergraduate Students
Adam Boukind, Senior thesis student (MOL)
  Nelson Chow, Undergraduate researcher (MOL)
Sophia Martinez, Senior thesis student (CBE)
Jimi Oniya, Senior thesis student (CBE)
Katherine Shelburne, Senior thesis student (CBE)

Joe Tien, Boston University

Derek Radisky, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center
Sevan Hopyan, The Hospital for Sick Children
Danelle Devenport, Princeton University
Shaun Kunisaki, Johns Hopkins University
Andrej Kosmrlj, Princeton University
Jared Toettcher, Princeton University

Nelson Group, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, Princeton University

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